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Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen Without Drawers

As we have always mentioned, the organization is the key to everything. Being organized allows you to lead your life more easily and quickly. Your belongings always have a place and a purpose, so everything is simpler, and when you have your kitchen organized, everything else is affordable, like cooking or preparing a dessert.

1.- A board for your utensils

A board that contains a kind of hole to hang everything you think is necessary for the most creative way. This will help you keep everything you need to have on hand in order. In addition, this will give it the aesthetically good touch that you were looking for for your kitchen. So organizing your kitchen without cabinets is possible.

2.- Shelves on the wall

This is one of the easiest ways to organize your kitchen and not only that, but it is also a way to save space. You only need to get wood off the size that you consider convenient and place them in a space on the wall of your kitchen that does not interrupt with an appliance. This will add style and essence to your kitchen, but it won’t take up any floor space and will be quite useful.

3.- Rolling kitchen cart

If you lack space to locate something important in your kitchen, do not despair. Even if you only have the corner available, it will be enough to locate a rolling cart of 2 or more floors, as you like. This is quite useful, and the best of all is that it does not have fixed space (here the charm of the wheels), so you can move it according to the need you have.

4.- Hang cups from a shelf

If you have a small kitchen without drawers, the chances are that what you are most concerned about is your cups or glasses. In the case of cups, we have the solution. You can take advantage of their handles to hang them from a shelf that you have established on the wall of your kitchen. This way, you will save space, and your cups will not be scattered. Don’t worry; they won’t be able to fall.

5.- Make the most of your drawers

Your kitchen drawers are the refuge for all your unsightly but necessary utensils. In case you don’t have shelves, they end up being the refuge of almost most of your things; therefore, it is better that you maximize this space. How? The best way to do it is using the classic drawer dividers; these will be your best allies.

6.- Take advantage of your needs to decorate

If you run out of space to store your beans, baking ingredients, or any other ingredient, this is a fairly affordable hack. If you have glass bottles left over, you can use them without remorse. Pour your ingredients into them and place them together to make them look aesthetically flawless. You can even decorate them or write the name of each one on top. Your choice.

7.- Don’t keep what you don’t need

If you have already managed to organize your kitchen without furniture, you know that space is gold, and you need to make the most of what little you have. So, if you have some things that you are storing at the bottom of your kitchen, utensils, pots, or something else that you have not used in a long time, we recommend taking them out of there. In case you do not want to get rid of these belongings, we recommend that you find an ideal space to store them correctly.